Preserving America’s Freedom

us-navy-flagAs a former seaman, I have been all over the world, and I have seen things that others cannot even imagine. I have sailed on carriers, piloted jets over the Indian and Pacific oceans, and shot missiles that most will never even hear of. I did all of this to protect my country and its citizens in areas where there was violence and conflict threatening them. Vietnam was a messed up place to be, and our fleet was involved in almost daily air raids that caused untold damage, all so we could help bring democracy and stability to a dangerous part of the world.

Squadron mates of mine were downed, and some were never recovered. It was a rough place to be, and you never knew if your current flight was your last in Vietnam. Even if you don’t agree with all our actions, then you should at least understand our purpose. We fought so you didn’t have too. We fought so you could enjoy your life. And we wanted you to enjoy them. Just remember us. All those who never came back home, died for us.
Lt. Commander